Green Woodpecker

Last week, the distinctive laugh-like ‘tew-tew-tewk‘ sound of a green woodpecker was heard over several mornings along the Gravel Hill section of the Wom Brook, and along the Railway Walk.

On Thursday, the one photographed above was spotted on a lamp post, having flown from the Brook area, before flying on to the woodland above Redcliffe Drive. There have been a number of sightings along with the accompanying sound of the bird’s distinctive laugh-like call heard over the last few years, leading local naturalists to suspect that a woodpecker has colonised an area of those woods.

Anti-dog fouling campaign continues

Since the beginning of the Council’s recent campaign to draw attention to the need for dog owners to clean up after their pets, the following pavement ‘spray signs’ have appeared at some of the main entrances to the Wom Brook Walk:

Clean it up

Sprayed onto the pavements, each sign reads:


FINE £1000


These signs are not permanent-they will eventually wash away.

Hopefully the message conveyed will be permanent.