Police Message (2)-Beware-Recycling!

Beware Recycling
This week, Staffordshire Police issued the following warning to Wombourne residents:

Beware of 2 bogus officials-both are described as white males-they called at a property in Orton Lane at 3 pm on Monday, inquiring about old car batteries for recycling. They were seen to be closely studying the houses nearby.

One had strawberry blond hair, and was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans.
The other had dark hair-no other details were available concerning this second male. They drove off towards Penn in a dirty white van.

Police are urgently looking for the registration number of this vehicle-if you see it, please dial 999 and ask for Staffordshire Police.

a Break in Transmission

break in service
Apologies for the lack of recent blog entries – two things happened-a few days away from the computer, only to discover upon my return that no uploads were possible to this blog due to a software upgrade, and associated server problems. These have thankfully been resolved now (thanks Matt). Hopefully over the weekend there will be a couple of entries.

All-weather ducks

pair of ducks

The last couple of mornings have seen freezing conditions beside the Wom Brook and along exposed sections of the Railway Walk. Meteorologically, these conditions have been brought about by a combination of atmospheric high pressure, little or no cloud cover to ‘hold’ in place the temperature that has been built up during the day, and a slight hint of an Arctic wind coming from a northerly direction.

Therefore the sight of a pair of ducks swimming along the Wom Brook this morning was quite a revelation! Proof positive that duck feathers provide excellent insulation properties! Brrr!

(The male duck [right of photo] watches as his mate feeds on underwater plants).