Kuala Lumpur to Wombourne

The new hardwood benches that have recently been sited along the Gravel Hill section of the Wom Brook were officially presented to the village by Simon Hopcutt yesterday, the son of Avis and Grafton Hopcutt whose names appear on the benches.

Despite the seemingly endless rainfall Wombourne has endured over the last few days, the sun prevailed, and ensured a pleasant backdrop for the informal ceremony, when Simon and his wife were joined by family members still living in the village, representatives of the Friends of Wom Brook, a local councillor and the team from South Staffordshire District Council who organised the placement of the benches.
Simon is on the right of the photograph, talking to South Staffordshire Landscape Manager Howard Medlicott. This was their first face to face meeting, as all previous contact regarding the choice of benches and arrangements for their placement was conducted via email, between South Staffordshire Council in Codsall, here in the United Kingdom, and Simon in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The Friends of Wom Brook were pleased to meet Simon and his wife yesterday, and thank them for their kind contribution. The provision of the benches will provide welcome seating for others to sit and enjoy the natural surroundings provided by the Wom Brook.


Later today, a rather unique presentation will take place at the site of the new wooden benches. The relative of the two people commemorated has flown from Malaysia to the UK, in order to take part in today’s event.

Simon Hopcutt left a very informative comment here in the Wom Brook Diary about both his parents, Avis and Grafton Hopcutt. (Look back to the entry in this blog dated April 25, 2006, or click this link HERE ).

Hopefully, there will be a photograph recording today’s events, to follow shortly in this blog.

Cuckoo Flower

cuckooflower.jpgFollowing a comment left by Steve about hearing a cuckoo along the Railway Walk, its timely to mention the above flower, growing in the damp fringes bordering the trees by the side of the Brook.
It is another example of nature’s resilience-perhaps more commonly known as ‘Lady’s Smock‘, the cuckoo flower wasn’t often seen in the vicinity of the Brook due to large-scale grass-cutting in previous years, but due to careful management and good liaison between South Staffordshire Council, the sub contractors responsible for grass cutting in Wombourne, and the Friends of Wom Brook, last year saw a re-emergence of this particular flower.

This year, several examples can currently be seen. Hopefully these flowers will be left to grow, so that everyone can enjoy them.