A Spring Sunday

British Summer Time (BST) officially began this morning-the clocks went forward an hour, and some of us made do with an hour’s less sleep. According to an article on the BBC News website, those of us who are larks, and are categorised as ‘morning’ people might initially feel tired for the next day or two, because of the loss of the hour’s sleep!

Irrespective of these facts, these Wombourne residents were keeping to their usual routine of walking (or running as the person further down the path is doing) along the Railway Walk or beside the Brook.

A Flash of White

Snowdrops – the first signs of Spring?

This morning’s drizzle-damp walk along the Brook and up onto the Railway Walk was brightened considerably by the sighting of a snowdrop (see above picture)-is this the first sign of Spring? It is hard to be lulled into a false sense of security about the possible onset of warmer weather-I can still recall talking part in the Annual 24 hour RNLI race at Himley Sailing Club in May one year, and being unable to drink a bottle of water which had been lying near the centreboard casing-it was frozen!

Railway Walk Meeting

Rather disappointingly, last Saturday’s meeting at Wombourne Leisure Centre was very poorly attended. However, a number of points were discussed relating to taking steps towards achieving Green Flag Award status for the Railway Walk.

In pursuing this award, it is hoped that the profile of the Walk would be raised, with the view to further developing the overall conservation plan for the area, as well as increasing awareness of the history, flora and fauna associated with this important habitat.

A further meeting is planned, when members of the Friends of Wom Brook will add their support to this venture. It was agreed to feature the Railway Walk in future within this blog, as both the Wom Brook and the Railway Walk are interrelated geographically.