From the AGM

This month saw the Friends of Wom Brook hold their first AGM. It was chaired by an officer of the South Staffordshire Council, and members of the committee were elected.

After the main business was concluded, the South Staffordshire Council outlined the next stage of the revetment work that was scheduled to be carried out downstream of the original work, which took place close to the Gravel Hill Road bridge last year.

The main focus of work will be from Glendale Drive to Planks Lane, and the council estimate that the work will take a fortnight.

A Happy New Year!

The above photograph, taken at dawn near to the Gravel Hill road section of the Wom Brook Walk this first week in January, tries to capture the festive lighting in the background, while the Brook is mostly in darkness.

The colder weather seems to have deterred only the hardier walkers along the Brook, and apart from discarded fireworks from the New Year celebrations, the area has been relatively litter free.

The Friends of Wom Brook will soon be holding their first AGM, the provisional date for this is the 10th January-more details to follow.