Fly Agaric

The above brightly coloured mushroom was photographed along the Railway Walk, not far from the Gravel Hill section of the Brook. The recent snow and frosty weather caused it to wither away and die.

This fungus is also known by its scientific name, Amanita muscaria. It grows in more sheltered woodland areas, and experts strongly advise that it should NOT BE EATEN, as ingesting this plant can have fatal consequences!

Snowy Sunrise

The above scene, taken at sunrise from the Railway Walk, looking down towards the Brook, was photographed on Wednesday morning 30th November, almost two days after the first snowfall of the winter.

Rain preceded the heavy snowfall at midday on Monday 28th November, and the subsequent drop in temperature soon ensured that the village woke to two successive snowy sunrises.

This part of the Wom Brook Walk is a particularly popular recreational area following snowfall-the gentle slope encourages many budding winter sport enthusiasts, evidenced by the many tracks seen in the above photograph.

At the time of posting this entry, the vast majority of the snow had melted.