Water Vole sighted!

2 of us considered ourselves very fortunate to spot a water vole swimming downstream and under the footbridge, yesterday morning. Completely unperturbed by the increased number of weekend visitors to the Brook, and sharing that stretch of water with the ducks, this distinctively shaped small mammal was visible for over a minute.

Job Done!


On schedule, the essential maintenance work at Gravel Hill was completed. Local residents who regularly use this section of the Brook have commented favourably on the quality of the work. Thank you South Staffordshire District Council!

The red arrow shows the completed interlocked boulder work.

The blue arrow points to the recently constructed ‘overflow’ stream-the stone work has been implanted in such a way as to minimise the build up of sediment that would otherwise block the route of the secondary stream, thus forcing greater volumes of storm water along the main stream branch, with the consequent increased water flow applying greater pressure on the stream banks.

Contractors re-seeded the area of ground in the left of the photograph.

Monthly Clean-up


Just a reminder-at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday 7th April, members
of the Friends of Wom Brook will meet at the picnic area in the Gravel Hill
area of the Wom Brook, in order to undertake a litter pick
of the section of the Brook running alongside Rookery Road, leading up to the
Red Lion!

These events occur on the first Thursday and Saturday in the month, and will
in future include some plant management in order to encourage the growth of
less commonly occurring species.

The meeting point for these activities is usually always
the Gravel Hill Picnic Area, at 10:00 a.m., unless otherwise notified.