Nearly Done!

The ongoing maintenance work along sections of the southern bank of the Wom in the Gravel Hill area is nearly complete! With the aid of heavy earth-moving machinery the main task of positioning the boulders has been completed.

This morning contractors were moving protective fences and re-positioning the barrier and picnic benches.

Changing Landscape


The specialist landscape company, Shoreline, have been progressing quickly with the essential maintenance work along the southern bank of the Wom. The green arrow points to the location of the Cotswold stone boulders, which have been positioned in such a way as to create an interlocked ‘keyed in’ screen of resistant material on the stream embankment, designed to withstand the onslaught of increased stream flows during times of heavy rainfall. A spokesman from the company added that gradual landscaping would be enacted soon to complete the work.

Maintenance Work begins!

Gravel Hill Section

Last week long awaited work to strengthen the southern banks of a section of the Wom Brook below the Gravel Hill Bridge began in earnest. Posters alerting walkers to the forthcoming work had been posted at all entry points to the Brook walk a week before hand.

For safety reasons, the section of the Brook undergoing this work has been closed off. Work is expected to last until after the Easter holidays.