Taking the sting out of it!


Amongst the most abundant of wild plants observed along the edges of the brook are nettles (see above left-hand photo) Extremely unpleasant if you touch a nettle-the fine hairs on the surface of the plant cause a most painful and irritating rash to the skin if touched (as you all know too well!).

An age-old remedy seems to take the sting out of the nettle-rash-seemingly growing close by to the nettle colony is a plant referred to as a _Dock_. Take one of these broad _Dock Leaves_ (see the right-hand photo above), and rub it over the affected area of your skin which originally came into contact with the nettle!

Renault crossing through the ford!

This photo was taken on the 8th September, on the footbridge which crosses the Wom at the point where vehicles are able to ford the brook, along the section of Giggerty Lane that runs between Ounsdale Road to the north of the brook, and the junction of Planks Lane/Giggerty Lane lying to the south of the brook.

It is known locally as Dickies Brook, or as Longford, as it apparently appeared on maps of the area published in the 1800s.