Then and Now

Purely from a comparative perspective, it is interesting to see the obvious differences in floral density from early spring(left-hand photo) to midsummer (right-hand photo)on the Wom.

Both photos are of roughly the same area, namely the low footbridge over the brook in the central area of the Wom in Wombourne. In the background is the larger area of ground within Wombourne Park, looking in a northerly direction.


Mention of the wet weather Wombourne is currently experiencing revived a memory of May ‘s heavy rainfall. Grass-cutting contractors went ahead with their schedule of work, but left many signs of their presence and consequent damage to the grassed areas adjacent to the Brook.

It is to be hoped that the contractors aren’t faced with the same dilemma again, whether or not to cut the grass, particularly when the ground is soft, causing machinery to sink, and prompting dismayed residents to describe the actions of the contractors as  ‘ploughing!’

Easier Access

Easier access.jpg
Thanks to the ranger service at Baggeridge Country Park, a request to deal with the rampant nettles that were threatening to engulf the pathway leading from the Railway Walk into Wombourne Park was swiftly attended to.

Apologies for the somewhat  ‘distant ‘ nature of the above photographs, but hopefully the difference is just about evident-the right hand shot illustrates that the offending nettles have been cut back, thus rendering the pathway useable once more!