Birdlife Observed

Despite the unwelcome attention of local dogs, the mallards (as photographed) are back, and seem intent on nesting within the vicinity of the Brook! A male Restart was observed yesterday flying over the central / Wombourne Park area of the Brook, and another local has seen a kingfisher

Spring 2004

Hawthornblossom .jpg
Easter heralded the onset of Spring-although increased activity amongst birds and squirrels, and the emergence of buds and tree blossom (as illustrated by the Hawthorn blossom above, photographed just outside Wombourne Park on the Railway Walk) have acted as nature_s reminders that a new season was waiting in the wings


Sadly it is inevitable that litter and larger objects such as broken bikes, disused cylinders of gas and more worryingly empty black liquid chemical containers are discarded into the Brook. Before now well-meaning locals have removed plastic petrol cans from the water, but often by then fuel from the containers has already found its way into the Brook, thus polluting the water, and introducing dangerous substances to the water environment that will ultimately affect the wildlife within, often with fatal results.

Nick jokingly mentioned a few days ago that he didn_t believe that anything could survive in the water-in the past this may not have been the case, as I recall children catching small fish. in there some 10 years ago.

Hopefully the planned future survey of the Wom Brook_s local flora and fauna (to be conducted by the South Staffordshire District Council ) will provide an indicator of the _health_ of the Brook.