125 Waxwings Sitting in a tree!


With the weather being rather harsh over in Scandinavia, there has been quite an invasion of Waxwings into the UK!

They are winter migrants and arrive virtually every year in the UK to get away from the freezing conditions of the arctic circle. This year is no exception and luckily for birdwatchers alike, due to the extreme weather facing where they spent their summer up in the frozen north, many more than usual have flown down to the UK to stock up on winter berries (Or tree buds, as it seems the berries have suffered from the extreme cold too!)

The photos above have been taken today (08.01.11), on the corner of Clent View Road and The Broadway in Stourbridge. If you are wishing to see them, they are likely to still be in the area, as locals say that they have been around for the last 2 days. Be patient though, you could be waiting for up to 20 minutes as they have been scouring the area for the best sources of food!

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