In the past, horse riders and motorcyclists have been known to use Wombourne Park, accessing the area via the Kingswinford Railway Walk. This understandably caused some alarm and raised concerns amongst the local inhabitants who regularly utilise the park for walking and recreational purposes. The horses’ hooves were cutting up the grass, thus far exceeding the normal wear and tear expected in a public park.

The motorbikes caused similar damage to areas of the park, and the speeds at which some motorbikes were being driven along footpaths caused understandable alarm and raised fears about the safety of walkers.

During the summer of 2003, a swing gate was established at the west end entrance of the park, which also accesses the Kingswinford Railway Walk. However, local youths have discovered a way to open the gate fully (please see the photo above), thus opening up the area again to motorcycles. The South Staffordshire District Council is in the process of rectifying the problem.

Saving the stream bank


Conservation work is already underway along a section of the south bank of the Wom running through Wombourne Park. Local volunteers, assisted by workers from a neighbouring company which is supporting conservation work in the community, and guided by officials of South Staffordshire District Council, have employed a ‘basket-weaving’ technique in order to shore up the section of the stream bank vulnerable to erosion by the stream.