Rookery Road pathway flooding

footpath flooding

Recent heavy rain has run off the fields between the Vine public house and the start of the Wom Brook Walk, at the eastern section of the Brook in Wombourne. The above photo, taken by a committee member of the Friends of Wom Brook shows the extent of the flooding and the subsequent damage to the Wom Brook Walk. South Staffordshire Council’s landscape department have been informed.

Finger post restored

new owl(2)

Thanks to the sharp eyes of the finger post’s sculptor, the top half was recovered from the bushes beside a section of the Wombrook. However, the owl was missing. Thankfully the sculptor was able to carve a faithful reproduction, and at certain times of the day, the new owl stands out from the original wood carving in the hole at the top of the finger post.

In the photo above, the back of the owl is shown (arrowed in red), along with the 2 dimensional aspect of the sign.The other side of the sign is a 3D representation, and shows the new owl and the remainder of the sign to particularly good effect.

Landmark Finger Post Vadalised

Vandalised Finger Board

Residents are positively enraged by the mindless damage to a local Wombourne landmark. The ornate and very symbolic wooden carved finger post which marks the crossing point between the Wombrook Walk and the South Staffordshire Railway Walk was discovered to have had it’s top half forcibly removed. (See red arrows indicating that the top half of the board was forced in one direction).

The original finger board was not only an example of an excellent wood carving, but it had been carefully produced following careful research into the local history, flora and fauna associated with the village of Wombourne. Carefully captured within its imagery was a representation of the endangered water vole, a protected mammal resident along the Wombrook.

Unfortunately a minority criminal element exists in the community, possessing little intelligence and contributing nothing but problems to it. The reader is left to imagine the level of punishment furious local villagers were suggesting should be given to the individuals responsible for the damage.

It is believed that the vandalism occurred sometime between Sunday 25th September and Thursday morning, 29th September. If you were walking in the vicinity during those dates, and saw something connected to this crime, please contact Staffordshire Police on 0300 123 4455.