Autumn is upon us…

As Autumn is upon us and Winter not too far away, the trees shed their leaves in vibrant oranges and reds. The picture below was taken a few weeks ago at the Friends of Wombrook “Nature’s Bounty” event, the towering poplar can be seen behind, shining with vibrant hues. (I can only presume it to be even more vibrant now as the weeks have passed!)

Any thoughts on the coming winter? Leave a comment, there is a mixed consensus as to whether the weather will be cold and snowy or wet and windy.

Autumn upon us…

Wild Willow-growing again

Wild Willow
Although it was sad to see the original willow pruned (pictured above, slightly right of centre, resembling a tall bush), it had become vastly overgrown, and was at risk of some of its larger branches breaking off during high winds.

It is no exaggeration that a large falling branch, weighing half a ton, crashing to the ground as you walk by is a sobering experience, and one not to be recommended!

South Staffordshire Council occasionally face hard choices-either manage the trees along the Wom Brook Walk in the interests of safety, or leave them to go wild, and run the risk of an innocent walker passing beneath an overgrown tree being seriously injured by one of its falling branches.

Before the advent of central heating and double glazing, in past centuries Willow trees growing along the Brook were regularly managed by the residents of Wombourne who harvested them in order to heat their homes and provide fuel for cooking.



Although no longer at their best, there are still a few poppies to be seen growing along the Wom Brook Walk. The one above was photographed amongst tall grasses and ragwort in the fallow area below the point where the Railway Walk crosses the Wom Brook Walk. It is a reminder of one of those rare, warm sunny days experienced earlier in the year!