Good water quality

Recent water life samples taken from the Wom Brook by the Friends of Wom Brook indicate that the water quality of the stream running through Wombourne is of a high enough quality as to support a variety of aquatic life forms. Amongst these species caught and then released back into the Brook were sticklebacks and bull-head fish.

testing for aquatic life

In the photograph above, some of the younger members are assisted in the identification of their catches by the chairperson of the Friends Group, Anita.

Kingfisher on the Poolhouse, Wombourne

Local wildlife photographer and film maker Richard Claxton took this photo of a kingfisher.
At the time, Richard was hoping to film water voles, and fortunately had a camera to hand to capture this elusive creature-rarely seen along the Wom Brook, and then only fleetingly, as a vivd blue streak.

Water voles: 3 sightings.

Spring 2010 water vole

The mostly elusive water vole colony have recently become more visible. The above representative from the Wom Brook colony was observed from the footpath yesterday. Unlike on previous occasions, this specimen paused on the bank for several minutes, before plunging into the cold water of the Brook, submerging and disappearing from view.

For three days in succession, solitary water voles have been seen feeding on plants or swimming in the Brook.